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    just won't do

    i just can't hide it, lying in my bed / i dream you'll sneak into my room / and crawl out of my head / lying next to me in bed

    spent the last twenty years / in willful malaise / but i got my ways of being effective / when my emotions are defective / and my appearance is deceptive

    now you see me, now you don't / now i know you just won't do

    why do i sleep? / all my doors are closed / with all my vanity exposed / my imagination caged / but it's always just the same


    flash in the pan

    well, don't want to be your brother / just want to be alone with you / so i can take what i got coming / ain't no use in running / no, ain't no use in turning out the lights / cos what is right is right / and this morning i realized / today must be the last day of this life

    hey man / where did your teeth go? / did you lose them / when you lost your mind? / i know / some of us were born / and some of us were made / to be born again

    hey man / you're just a flash in the pan / (a mouse of a man)

    well, now the drugs didn't work / and neither have you / in a long, long time / and i'm through staying up all hours / just to think of you / blink to find you lying in the park / cold and lonely crying in the dark