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    a duet among soloists: both lead, both accompany. everything all the time.




    ach adhvaryu and anant nyshadham met in college in philadelphia in 2003. they started out playing covers of songs by some of their favorite artists--marley, radiohead, and the occasional kishore kumar. ach had until then focused mostly on the study and performance of hindustani classical music, in which he was trained from childhood. anant, who was branching out from his southern rock / jam band wheelhouse, exposed ach to the new styles of music he was exploring, from post-bop jazz and hip hop to experimental rock. 
    in 2004, ach left philadelphia for grad school at yale. there, he formed a pop rock group called the slutskys with four fellow grad students. this was his first attempt at songwriting, and he caught the bug. meanwhile, back in philly, anant was writing and performing with his new group, (vent). in 2006, he joined ach at yale, and the two began playing together again, this time exploring the fusion of their respective backgrounds--eastern classical and western roots. over the next several years, they distilled from these disparate sounds a new and unique kind of pop, which they now seek to share as jugalBand. 


    gear list

    taylor 614ce
    taylor t3/B
    modified hamer strat, fender custom shop texas special pick ups
    ibanez sr4 electric bass
    korg R3 synthesizer / vocoder
    rikhi ram HM001 harmonium
    yamaha CP300 stage piano
    pearl export series 5 piece shells, aquarian double thin heads
    ddrum defiant 14x5.5 snare, remo coated powerstroke 3 head
    sabian B8 14" hi hats
    paiste 505 heavy 14" hi hats
    zildjian brilliant thin crash 16"
    sabain XS 18" and 20" rides
    handmade tabla and dholak
    LP bluberry egg shaker
    meinl recording-combo wood tambourines